CADRe Binding Arbitrator Fee Schedule
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Arbitrator Fee Admin. costs Expenses Phone
George D. Calkins II $300 hr. None None 310-392-3044
R.A. Carrington $325 hr. None None 805-565-1487
Hon. Warren C. Conklin (ret) $300 hr. None None 805-543-1711
Com. Etta O. Gillivan (ret) $300 hr. None poss. hearing room 805-640-0839
Michael H. Gray $210 hr. None Actual 805-965-4407
Hon. Joe D. Hadden (ret) $350 hr. None poss. hearing room 805-640-0839
Harold K. Kyle $250 hr. $75 per side None 805-477-0050
John C. Lauritsen $250 hr. None None 805-963-1941
Allan J. Mayer $250 hr. see details see details 805-544-7081
Craig R. McCollum $500 hr. as incurred as incurred 805-543-4648
Hon. Frank J. Ochoa (ret.) $500 hr. As Agreed As Needed 805-962-4887
Jeffrey P. Palmer $350 hr. $50 per side None 626-795-7916
Richard I. Phillips $300 hr. None poss. hearing room 805-466-7600
Charles Rumbaugh $200 hr. None None 310-373-1981
Nancy J. Warren $400 hr. Varies poss. hearing room 805-544-3288
PLEASE NOTE: This is a list of neutrals who have met the court’s requirements for membership on the panel, and no further court endorsement, approval, or warranty is made or implied. The claims made by each panelist herein are their own. We encourage you to carefully review the material and verify for yourself that the panelist you are considering has the desired background and expertise for your case. Panelists are solely responsible for furnishing their correct fee and other information to the CADRe office, and for updating their material as necessary. The CADRe office makes every effort to ensure accuracy, but this information is subject to change without notice.

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