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Mediation Panelist
Name: Cecilia Peverelle
Address: P O Box 2245
Lompoc, CA 93438
Phone Number: Mobile 310-325-1133
Fax Number:  
E-Mail Address:
Fee: $150 per hour
Administrative Costs: Extraordinary
Expenses: Extraordinary
Deposit: $300
Cancellation Policy: One Week preferred, but no later than 48 hours prior to scheduled Mediation
Payment Responsibility: All Parties Equally
Years as mediator: 4
Number of mediations conducted: 50
Subject matter of mediations conducted: Contracts; Business - Business; Consumer-Merchant; Construction; Landlord-Tenant; Employer-Employee;
Multi-Party, Multi-Issue; Real Estate; Personal Injury;
HOA and Property Management
Computer Technology
Areas of expertise: Contracts; Computer Technology
Business Start-up & Administration
International Projects; Construction;
Real Estate / Property Management / HOA / Landlord-Tenant
Environmental, Health & Safety
Entertainment Industry; Medical-Legal
Additional Information: Please see Biography
Panelist Information Updated November 30, 2017
Biography: Cecilia Peverelle

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