Superior Court of California, County of Santa Barbara

About “Limited Mediation”

A Word About “Limited Mediation”

The CADRe program offers mediation at no or reduced cost to litigants under the Limited Mediation component of the program. Limited Mediation is available only for cases where the amount in controversy does not exceed $50,000.00, and is not offered for probate or family law cases.

The list of mediators for Limited Mediation is only available by contacting the CADRe office at 805-882-4661. The CADRe office will assign a mediator to the case, usually with input from the parties. CADRe staff will explain the assignment procedure to you. The first three (3) hours of mediation are provided free of charge to the parties (the court pays the mediator for this time period). Thereafter, the mediator may charge the parties an hourly rate.

PLEASE NOTE: For Limited Mediation, you must always contact the CADRe office first for CADRe to assign a mediator to the case. If you contact a mediator independently without obtaining an LM assignment sheet from the CADRe office first, then you will be expected to pay the mediator’s market hourly rate.