Superior Court of California, County of Santa Barbara

Website Submission Instructions

Santa Barbara courthouse on a clear day, California

Once you have completed the application process and have been accepted into the program, you must provide the necessary information in electronic form to create your personal listing on the CADRe website. Please follow these instructions carefully.

  1. First, go to the CADRe website at, select “Forms” on the navigation bar and then select “CADRe Panelist Forms.”
  2. Next, select the appropriate Panelist Information Sheet for the panel or panels for which you have completed the application process. The forms are in Microsoft Word format or Adobe Acrobat PDF and when selected, should open your word processor with the selected form showing on your screen. Should you be using a program other than MS Word and/or the form not open in your word processor, then you will have to save the form to your hard drive, open your word processing program and then open the file name under which you saved that form. Most of the newer word processors are capable of converting MS Word files to their platform.
  3. While viewing the form(s) in your word processor, fill in each line with the requested information using the Arial font, 12-point size, in standard upper/lower case type. Do not underline or type in all capital letters. After filling in the form, save it as a document named to indicate the panel it is for and your name, for example, MED Info Yourname.pdf.
  4. Next, you may include a résumé or narrative biography as a separate document that is linked to a separate bio or résumé page on the website. Please be mindful of the length of this document. Also, since this is the information that attorneys will use to decide whether to hire you for a case, think about what information might be the most useful to their selection process. Many panelists have found that narrative information describing their own style and approach to the ADR process, or an understanding of what to expect from an ADR process conducted by them, or an emphasis on their experience and training as a neutral might be more useful to counsel than a traditional résumé that recites their prior work experience. Sometimes it can be helpful to review other bios on the site to see what other panelists have included.
  5. Feel free to scan a small photo into your bio file and mention your other affiliations and websites in your material, but please be aware that the CADRe website does not include logos, line art, or hot links to other sites. Click here for the photo submission guidelines.
  6. Save your bio document using a different file name than the one chosen for your information sheet, for example, BIO Yourname.pdf. Please carefully check all of your documents for spelling and accuracy. The court’s webmaster posts exactly what is submitted to her.

    * PLEASE NOTE: Due to the limitations of the web and the way different web browsers render web pages, please be advised that some documents will not be exact online replicas of the submitted MS Word documents. Some specific items that might be affected are leading (the space between lines of text), font face and size, size of margins, word wrapping and printing. A few examples are listed below:
    • Margins: if your document has margins that are narrower than one inch, your online layout will differ from your original. Text will wrap more frequently and shift from one line to the next on the web. The overall online document will seem longer. See “printing” example.
    • Fonts: Fonts are limited to the viewers’ list of available system fonts. If you use a fancy font, some viewers that do not have this particular font on their system will see a replacement font for the text such as Times or Arial or they may not see the text at all. Thus it is usually best to utilize Times or Arial as these are the most commonly found system fonts. The CADRe website utilizes the Arial font in 10, 12 and 14 point type.
    • Leading: The web is limited to double or single line spacing. This may or may not be similar to the leading size in your word processed document. Every effort will be made to get the spacing as close as possible.
    • Printing: Due to the above mentioned limitations, your document may print on more pages than your original. In order to ensure that none of your biography text gets truncated along the margins when printing directly from the web, it is necessary for us to limit the width of the text on screen to 650 pixels, which is about 8 inches in printed width. As a general rule, please keep your left and right margins to at least 1 inch in width.

Please consider these limitations when you are creating your biography document. The webmaster will make every effort to get the web version of the document as close as possible to the original within the confines of these limitations. Feel free to consult with the CADRe office prior to submitting your material if you have any questions.

  1. Finally, e-mail the document files to the CADRe office at as an e-mail attachment, but please check your files for viruses before you send them.

Once you finish this task, you will have your own address on the web for use on your business cards and/or letterhead. You can place it in your signature file on every email you send, enabling your recipients to link directly to your personal web page from the e-mail you send them. Please note that you must include the entire address to create a “hot link” if you are emailing the address to someone.