Superior Court of California, County of Santa Barbara

CADRe Panelist Requirements

Please note that the training, experience, and reference requirements listed below are firm.  Training requirements shown are minimum standards only. Panelists are encouraged to continue their ADR training beyond these minimum requirements.

  • CADRe Approved Private Mediation Panel
    • 25-hour single mediation skills training course
    •  Mediate at least (7) civil cases post-training
      [Co-mediations do not satisfy this experience requirement]
  • Limited Mediation Panel (Case valued under 50k)
    • 25-hour single mediation skills training course
    • Mediate at least (2) civil cases post-training
      [Co-mediations do not satisfy this experience requirement]
  • Case Management ADR Early Settlement Session Panel (CMADRESS) (Case valued over 50k)
    • Member in good standing of the CADRe Mediation panel
    • Attorney with substantial litigation experience
    • Attend a mandatory CMADRESS orientation
    • Mediate at least (7) civil cases with at least 15 hours of mediation post-training
      [Co-mediations do not satisfy this experience requirement]
  • Neutral Evaluation Panel
    • 12-hour single neutral evaluation skills training course
    • An attorney with (3) years litigation experience in relevant area(s) of law
  • Binding Arbitration Panel
    • 8-hour single arbitration skills training course (or a minimum of 50   arbitrations)
    • An attorney with (5) years experience in relevant area(s) of law


  1. Résumé or Curriculum Vitae
  2. Proof of satisfactory completion of relevant skills course(s). Applicants are expected to submit copies of their training certificate(s) with their application materials. Narrative lists of training taken without proof of satisfactory completion and/or requests for CADRe to contact others to verify such training are expressly discouraged and will prevent processing of the application.
  3. Signed cover letter including description/verification of required ADR experience.
  4. Complete contact information on at least two references per desired panel, as explained below.



As part of the application process, CADRe will need to contact at least two individuals [per desired panel] who participated in an ADR process conducted by the applicant. Applicants must provide complete and accurate contact information for at least two attorney or party references for each panel they wish to enroll on. The references will be sent a cover letter and a confidential evaluation form on the specific process conducted to be completed and returned to the CADRe office. These evaluations are not shown to the applicant. Each applicant must have two satisfactory CADRe reference evaluations on file [per desired panel] before they will receive an invitation to attend a mandatory CADRe orientation.

PLEASE NOTE: These references may not be other neutrals, instructors, ADR program administrators, or other judicial or professional references. Past testimonial letters or instructions to contact individuals who did NOT participate in an ADR process conducted by the applicant are expressly discouraged. The CADRe office does not forward reference checks nor does CADRe conduct searches to locate references, so it is solely the applicant’s responsibility to provide accurate, current AND COMPLETE contact information on their references. Failure to do so will prevent processing of the application.


  1. Attend a mandatory CADRe orientation session in Santa Barbara or Santa Maria (approximately 90 minutes).
  2. Strictly adhere to all applicable rules of professional responsibility and reporting requirements. [refer Local Rule 1102, CRC 3.850-3.865, and CRC 3.875]. Panelists who do not submit post-process reports per these requirements are subject to having their website material removed from view on the CADRe website and/or other disciplinary action.
  3. Agree to serve as the neutral on a pro-bono or modest means basis for at least one case per calendar year as requested by the CADRe office
    [refer CRC 10.781(b)(2)].
  4. Agree to keep the CADRe office regularly updated and informed of any calendaring changes in all their ADR processes. NOTE: CADRe does not and will not seek confidential information on the status of ADR processes, only necessary calendaring data.
  5. Agree to provide ALL ADR participants with post-process evaluation forms.
  6. Recognize that travel to various locations throughout Santa Barbara County could be required.
  7. Enroll on the CADRe website within (60) days of their orientation date. After the mandatory orientation the applicant must submit a signed compliance statement and website material ready for posting on the website [refer to the Website Submission Instructions].  Website materials should be prepared using Microsoft Word (preferred) and forwarded to the CADRe office in electronic format. CADRe does not create or prepare the panelist’s website materials, so some familiarity with word processing, e-mail, and basic PC operation is strongly recommended.
  8. Agree to keep the CADRe office informed of any needed changes in their contact information and their website material. CADRe reserves the right to temporarily remove from view on the website any material deemed inaccurate or out of date. CADRe also reserves the right to limit panel membership according to program needs.

Submit Application Packets to:
CADRe Program
Santa Barbara Superior Court
1100 Anacapa Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101